A Farm Rich in History

Sunset Farm has been a part of Rhode Island History since 1864.

Sunset Farm was founded by James E. Anthony during the Civil War. The farm was mainly used for agriculture during this time, but the Union Army also used the farmland to conduct military training exercises.


Francis S. Kinney, a tobacco and real estate tycoon, bought the farm from James E. Anthony. He maintained Anthony’s previous agricultural use of the land.


Francis S. Kinney builds Kinney Bungalow after a dispute with the neighboring Point Judith Polo Club. The Bungalow was designed by Providence architects, Prescott O. Clarke and Arthur R. Spaulding. Kinney also built a nine-hole golf course on the land, which aided in the introduction of the sport to the United States.


Mrs. Elizabeth Kellogg Chase bought Sunset Farm after the passing of Fancis Kinney. During this time, Kinney Bungalow was mainly used for dances, parties, and other celebrations.


During World War I, Kinney Bungalow and Sunset Farm were used by the Red Cross providing classes to volunteers on hygiene, first aid, nutrition, knitting, sewing, signal work, cipher study, and military calisthenics.

1914 - 1918

After the passing of Mrs. Chase, her daughter, Lucia Chase, took over the operations of the Bungalow and Farm. Lucia Chase is best known for being the co-founder of the American Ballet Theatre, and would hold practices and rehearsals during the summer at the Bungalow.


During World War II, Lucia Chase let the United States Army use the Bungalow and Farm as a communication post for Fort Nathanael Greene.

1939 - 1945

Lucia Chase retires from the American Ballet Theatre and is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States’ highest civilian honor. She spends her summers at Sunset Farm.


The Town of Narragansett buys Sunset Farm and Kinney Bungalow from Alex Ewing. The Narragansett Land Conservancy Trust takes over stewardship of the property.


The Farrell family takes over the daily operations of the farm which include growing corn, vegetables, and raising livestock.


Sunset Farm and Kinney Bungalow are placed on the National Register of Historic Places