At over 150 years old, Sunset Farm is the oldest and only working farm left in Narragansett. The Farrell family took over daily operations of the farm in 1999, and transformed the over 150 acres of farmland into the well-known Rhode Island icon that it is today.

When the Farrell family took over the farm, they only had a herd of five cattle, one hundred tomato plants, and few rows of squash. Today, Sunset Farm boasts a herd of over one hundred Black Angus beef cattle and a large variety of fruits and vegetables, including over 15,000 tomato plants!


Nothing on Sunset Farm goes to waste. All of us at Sunset Farm believe that no product should ever go to waste. We utilize almost every part of our produce and animal products on the farm, in restaurants around Rhode Island, or in our Farm-to-Table Truck.

People now more than ever want to know where their food comes from and what’s in it. Our locally sourced meat and vegetables come straight from the source with no additional additives. Our products can be found in over 40 restaurants around Rhode Island, at our farm stand on the farm, or in our Farm-to-Table food truck!

Working with Narragansett

The Farrell family has been working with the town of Narragansett for over 20 years to help make Sunset Farm what it is today. Our produce and meats can be found in various restaurants around town, the local school district cafeteria, and many locals can stop by our farm stand on location to buy what they need.

Sunset Farm also works with the agriscience department at Narragansett High School. The students in the program gain first hand farming experience by working directly on the farm with the produce and animals. The Farrell family is also able to share first hand knowledge with the students about agriculture and farming.

Meet The Farmers

Since 1999, the Farrell family has lived and worked at Sunset Farm, transforming nearly 150 acres into a well-known destination for freshly baked pies, heirloom tomatoes, and quality, all-natural meats not just for sale to the public, but also served at dozens of beach-front restaurants.